College Makes Memorable Homecoming

Trans Man A Total King

Bill O’Reilly’s going to shit when he hears this one!

Students at Pasadena City College elected a 24-year old trans man named Andrew Gomez as their homecoming king. Not only that, but the coeds cried foul when the Homecoming Committee attempted to veto their unorthodox choice:

PCC’s homecoming committee initially ruled Gomez ineligible because of his pierced ear.

But after students complained, lodging charges of discrimination, the committee relented and reversed its decision. Gomez said his election earlier this month as Homecoming King surprised him, even though he initially ran hoping to become a source of inspiration for other gay, lesbian and transgender students. “I wanted them to feel like they could do something like this, instead of having them feel, ‘I am not straight so I can’t do this….”

No work on whether Gomez found himself a date. We’re hoping not for, as Mel Brooks reminds us, “It’s good to be the king”. Take advantage of it, old boy!