Trans Men Explain Male Privilege

trans men male privilege

Who better to understand and explain what male privilege really looks like other than trans men who have experienced firsthand what it is like to be treated both as a man and a woman in our society?

That’s the concept behind a video from MTV Braless with Laci Green, and it should provide an eyeopening experience for anyone who still clings to the idea that being a man in America doesn’t carry certain advantages not shared by women.

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As trans people, they are still members of a minority group that faces increased discrimination. But a study published in 2013 suggests that being in both a privileged group and an underprivileged group can actually help you perceive the power imbalances in your life that much more clearly. And they have noticed quite a lot of benefits to their newly acquired male privilege.

First they give their definitions of the phenomenon.

“Male privilege is the bullshit idea that men are better than anybody else.”

“Male privilege is the ability to move about the world in the way you want to.”

“It’s the experience of being left alone and free to be yourself.”

The ability to freely walk down the street without fear of being catcalled, leered at, followed or attacked is something they can now take for granted. It is something that women cannot.

while I was walking

Not being asked to smile, or asked where you’re going, or if you’re married, or a series of other none-of-your-damn-business personal questions is another key difference that one of the men points to in the video. Not to mention a much more pleasant subway experience.

trans man male privilege

It shows up online as well.

“The first time I ever experienced male privilege was on social media. I’ve always been the type to express myself and talk real crazy, and when I did it prior to transitioning it wasn’t okay. But the minute I transitioned and everybody saw me as that male figure, it was like, ‘Ah man, that’s hilarious!’ I’m like, ‘Hey, guy, I’ve been hilarious all this time. So what are you talking about?'” shares another.

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Watch the video below.