Trans Model Gets Mixed Reactions On ANTM

Some of the gals on America’s Next Top Model aren’t feeling trans contestant Isis.

One of the ladies, Sharaun, remarked, quite crudely, “America’s Next Top Model is not going to be a drag queen. I’m sorry. It’s not.” Apparently Sharaun fancies herself a prophet, or something.

Meanwhile, pals Hannah and Clark bonded over their bigotry, which they justify with their “small town” upbringings.

Hannah: “I think the thing about Isis though is, like, I was like trying to convince myself I was comfortable. I can’t even comprehend I’m comfortable. But really, I’m not. Sometimes people have a really warped view of transgender people… Coming from a small town, hell yeah we have a warped view.”

Clark: “Hell yeah. You walk around like that in a small town, you get shot. And it’s not so much a close-minded view, it’s just more traditional. Coming from a good Southern family I was really thrown back by Isis. Growing up in the South you don’t exactly run into a ‘he-she’ every day. Isis has no place in this competition.”

These girls are not going to go far in the fashion world, which, as you know, is run by the lavender set.

Not all the ladies are so close-minded. McKey spent some time with Isis and described her as a “butterfly.” Ain’t that sweet?

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  • retrofit71

    Isis was a class act last night! Those two redneck girls discussing how she’d be shot in their podunk town and laughing about it really pissed me off. Sad, though, Isis surely won’t win, can you imagine Cover Girl with a trans spokesperson, or the Seventeen Magazine cover/spread being about a Trans? I doubt it. This was done for ratings only-she has no chance of winning.

  • ugh

    I hope she wins. Those two girls are atrocious. I’m from a very small town, and yes, some people thought that way, but not all. Being from a small town doesn’t make you an ignorant, hate-filled bigot. Never allowing yourself to give a damn about anyone but yourself, your colour, your gender, or your religion makes you an ignorant, hate-filled bigot.

  • Stef

    I think it’s disgusting that they equate “shooting someone” with “traditional values”.

    Definitely the type of town I’d like to live in.


  • HollywoodGossip

    The way Isis handled the girls and all their ignorance last night was great. Isis showed more class and grace than all the other girls combined.

    Gender and body parts aside, Isis knows her stuff – she knows about lighting and how to pose. And her picture was better than stupid Clark’s.

  • Distingué Traces

    They’ll shoot you for walking down the street, but it’s “not close-minded.” Nice to get that cleared up.

  • CR

    I hope that they give her (Isis) a chance. The shock of the situation may have prompted them to say what they said at the pool, but their cruelty at the photo shoot was COMPLETELY uncalled for and I hope they fall on their faces. I hope Isis goes far, she takes great photos!


    omg, like, this is America’s Next Top Model, not like, Next Top Tranny! like, ewww!

    stfu, bigot assholes.

  • ajax

    Don’t sell Isis short on her ability to win this competition. The day of the supermodel is gone – no fashion house wants to pay their star salaries anymore. You can be a gorgeous, nameless creature and make a fortune in the industry. I do, however, wish Isis would put on a few pounds – her weight might be more of a hurdle than her nethers.

  • TCHB

    The idea is to sell clothing, specifically by a designer. Any model as beautiful and poised and as alluring certainly can do the job. Damn, we gays are good!

  • Chris

    Isis is awesome and Sharaun got what she deserved last night.

  • Jennifer

    I have to disagree that putting Isis on ANTM was ratings-motivated. She is on that show to raise awareness, not just about trans people and not just in middle America. Conciousness about trans people is needed in the gay community, too. I hear all kinds of shit talked about trans peeps and I’m sick of it. I have a really dear friend who’s trans and one day my period started on my way to see her. I thought I could ask her if she had a tampon. Then I realized…

    Those girls are horrible little monsters, but there are a lot of gay men and lesbians out there that are just as bad. HRC too! Wise up!!

  • Qjersey

    Isis was a class act hands down compared to the catty small minded bitchy typical ANTM “soon to be sent home” girls.

    Haven’t these dumb clothes hangers watched this show? The bitches DON’T win.

  • retrofit71

    and BY THE WAY, what the F@CK was up with the ‘SPACE AGE’ graphics, props and ‘costumes’ last night.. I’t really seemed like a TV show from a strange Eastern European country! I remember better production on Land of the Lost:

  • alex

    Congrats to Tyra Banks and the rest of the producers of the show. They showed that they are true allies to the LGBT community.

  • girlwsumthinxtra

    The truth is, Isis is classier, more articulate, and a better model than those who are criticizing her.

    Unbeknownst to most people, Isis and other TS girls were cast as model “extras” in a shoot focusing on homeless youth on a previous season of ANTM. This caught the eye of Tyra and other ANTM judges who commented that she was so fierce she and her TS sisters overshadowed the performance of the other girls. Hopefully this squashes rumors that they just did it for ratings, because obviously it was her talent that caught the eye of the producers of the show–not just the fact that she is transsexual.

    By the way, has anyone seen the ads for Kenneth Cole lately? They feature a beautiful TS woman named Nina Poon and her boyfriend in an ad that raises social awareness about transsexuals. We’ve been invisible for far too long and it’s about time people catch up and get an education. So YES transsexual people have been and will continue to be a part of this industry, this society and this culture…always have been, just not as visible.

  • tancred.s

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