Trans Model Gets Mixed Reactions On ANTM

Some of the gals on America’s Next Top Model aren’t feeling trans contestant Isis.

One of the ladies, Sharaun, remarked, quite crudely, “America’s Next Top Model is not going to be a drag queen. I’m sorry. It’s not.” Apparently Sharaun fancies herself a prophet, or something.

Meanwhile, pals Hannah and Clark bonded over their bigotry, which they justify with their “small town” upbringings.

Hannah: “I think the thing about Isis though is, like, I was like trying to convince myself I was comfortable. I can’t even comprehend I’m comfortable. But really, I’m not. Sometimes people have a really warped view of transgender people… Coming from a small town, hell yeah we have a warped view.”

Clark: “Hell yeah. You walk around like that in a small town, you get shot. And it’s not so much a close-minded view, it’s just more traditional. Coming from a good Southern family I was really thrown back by Isis. Growing up in the South you don’t exactly run into a ‘he-she’ every day. Isis has no place in this competition.”

These girls are not going to go far in the fashion world, which, as you know, is run by the lavender set.

Not all the ladies are so close-minded. McKey spent some time with Isis and described her as a “butterfly.” Ain’t that sweet?