Mayoral Race Gets Nasty, Brutish

Trans Politico Targeted On Hate Site

Talk about dirty politics! A Riverdale, Georgia mayoral race got ugly this week when a website took aim at transgender city council woman Michelle Bruce. After posting a fairly unflattering picture of Bruce, the anonymous writer calls Bruce an “embarrassment” and repeatedly calls her a him:

The man…tricked us last election. He used an alias and fooled everyone into thinking he was a women! Michele Bruce was the name he used on the ballot and we all thought this was a woman. Just recently Mr. Bruce had to answer to the State Board of Elections for forging names on a recall petition for the Mayor in 04/05. This is the kind of constant harassment that the Mayor has had to put up with for the last four years. And it was not just Bruce… Riverdale is the laughing stock of the county with him presently in office.

Bruce maintains her innocence over the forging allegations, telling SOVO, “It’s ‘he say, she say’ crap.” The politician also accuses current mayor Phaedra Graham of fueling the fire: “She’s gone around and said we need to get that transvestite out of office – that freak of nature.” Guess who we won’t be voting for…