Trans Pride L.A. Evacuates Following Back-To-Back Bomb Threats

1003672_516242828443257_716679420_nTime magazine may have recently declared a “Transgender tipping point,” but there are still plenty of unevolved douchebags out there, as evidenced by the back-to-back bomb threats LAPD received during Trans Pride last weekend.

Trans Pride L.A. posted this message to their Facebook page following the unfortunate incidents:

We at Trans Pride L.A. regret the situation that abruptly ended yesterday’s event, shortly before it was scheduled to conclude.

The Los Angeles Police Department notified us that an anonymous person called in a bomb threat, identifying the Renberg Theatre as the target. It was our second bomb threat of the day, the first of which just referenced Trans Pride. After the first threat, police and security immediately conducted a sweep of The Village and found no reason for concern. The second threat came later in the evening, at a time when close to 200 people were in the theatre enjoying the Los Angeles Transgender Film Festival’s short film program. Out of an abundance of caution and with input from the LAPD, we made the decision to evacuate the theatre. Fortunately, a subsequent security sweep determined there was no explosive device.

Our apologies to the filmmakers and everyone else inconvenienced by someone’s hateful and disruptive actions. We truly regret that this put a damper on an otherwise glorious day of joy and celebration. It saddens us greatly that the day had to end on a negative note.

While “gay pride” has become almost synonymous these days with “excuse to party like you’re 22 years old,” this is a sobering reminder that pride events really do matter.

Visibility is everything, and what these sorry excuses who called in threats don’t realize is their efforts are futile.

They may have added a sour note to an otherwise wonderful celebration, but their act of fear ultimately does more to set them back than it does the trans community.