Trans Protest At HRC, Solmonese Steps Up

Transgender activist Monica Helms posted this video of the aforementioned HRC protest. Now we’re passing it on to you.

Also, it’s nice to hear Joe Solmonese finally came to his senses: we should not endorse a split ENDA. Gay rights should not move forward without our trans allies. Period:

The last two weeks have been the most heartbreaking and gut-wrenching of my life–and I know I’m not alone in that sentiment. Ever since we received word last week that the original, complete version of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act was in trouble, many in our community have spent more than one sleepless night tossing and turning, trying to figure out the best strategy for moving forward. And although there were different views on which road to take, I personally received strength in knowing that our goal–enacting one bill that protects the entire GLBT community–would be the ultimate destination.

Three rock-solid principles have guided my decision-making throughout this ordeal: a) In the context of decisions that lawmakers had made, HRC must craft a strategy that would achieve an inclusive ENDA most expeditiously; b) an “incremental” strategy that said we’d “come back and pick up gender identity in a few years” was not acceptable; and c) we couldn’t affect change if we weren’t part of the legislative process. Those principles have dictated all of my actions and will continue to do so.

And all it took were a few vociferous voices of reason.