Trans Refugee Alexandra Reyes, Saved From A Certain Fate If Forced Back to Mexico

Alexandra Reyes, a Mexican native born Carlos Reyes, who has been living as a girl since age 8, will be allowed to stay in the United States after her asylum application was approved. Facing harassment, a knife attack from her aunt, and being tied up to a tree and beaten by her father for being transgender, Alexandra sought police protection, but Mexican official turned a blind eye, so in 2001 she paid to cross the border illegally. Now 32, Alexandra lives in the Denver area, where she’ll likely be for quite some time, thanks to Board of Immigration Appeals judge agreeing she would not be safe if forced home, since Mexican authorities refused to ensure her safety. Last year she faced deportation after a cab driver, whose $500 bill Alexandra couldn’t pay at the time, called immigration officials, sending her to an 11-month confinement at a detention facility. For men.