Trans singer made a duet with himself before and after transitioning and it’s beautiful

A transgender singer has produced a touching duet — with himself — that showcases his voice before and after taking hormone replacement therapy.

Charlie Peck decided to cover Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’ “Home” after watching other people’s voice comparison videos online and reflecting on how large a role his voice plays in communicating identity to the world.

“I was first and foremost hoping for a voice that I could identify with,” Peck told HuffPo. “In contact with other humans, the filter through which everything you say is perceived is your voice. I was also really scared that I would not be able to sing any more. With these thoughts in my head an idea about singing as a way to show others my journey started to form. When I contacted my very talented friend, André Åhl Persson, who is also a musician, and he was willing and thrilled to do this project with me this seed of an idea started to grow.”

Peck added this message to anyone on a similar path of self discovery:

“There are many ways to transition and to find yourself. This was my way. I am not telling every trans* individuals story, but I am giving them mine… The lyrics of the song, with some modifications made by me, say so much. You are not alone, things can get better and put yourself before everybody else’s expectations on how you should live your life. Now that I have the energy to give something back to the trans* community ? this is my heart medicine for those in need.”

Watch below:

h/t HuffPo