Seattle Mall Needs Lesson In Non-Discrimination

Trans Toilet Trauma Leads To “Pee-In”

Larry Craig’s not the only person getting nabbed in the toilet. Seattle’s Pacific Place came under fire earlier this week after a security guard booted two male-to-female female-to-male trannies from the men’s loo.

Two transgender individuals attending a weekend conference in Seattle were kicked out of a men’s bathroom at Pacific Place and then ejected from the downtown mall in what could become a significant test involving transgender people under the state’s year-old gay-rights law.

“I don’t think straight people can truly understand the gravity of what this means emotionally,” said Sean, one of the two. He and the other man, his friend Simon, both asked that their last names not be used.

“Peeing is basic,” Sean said. “Anyone who feels a need to use a bathroom should be able to do so without someone rapping on the stall while your pants are down around your ankle.”

Too true.

The brouhaha started when Sean and Simon went into the women’s room to do their tinkle thing. Another denizen apparently objected to their presence and sounded the alarm. Security then came to remove them. The move, of course, violates Washington State’s discrimination laws, which include gender identity.

In light of this law, Sean and Simon say they plan on filing an official complaint against the Pacific Place mall. The mall, however, denies they were booted for their gender identity. Spokeswoman Lynn Beck alleges the women were causing a disturbance. They certainly did when they staged a pee-in on Labor day. Sean, Simon and about 40 trans activists who had gathered for the Gender Odyssey Conference marched on the mall and peed to protest the anti-trans booting.

Talk about making a mark!

[Note: You’ll notice we changed MTF to FTM. We were misinformed by our source. Sorry for the confusion. As for your note, reader Kim, if you can’t laugh a little, you’ll have to cry. Wouldn’t you rather laugh? We would.]