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Trans voice actress alleges stolen wages, toxic culture, and anti-LGBTQ slurs at major gaming company

Voice actress and former Rooster Teeth employee Kdin Jenzen says she faced horrible conditions at the company for nearly a decade. Now, she’s spoken her full truth — and it turns out she’s not alone.

In a lengthy statement published to Twitter on Saturday following a round of layoffs, the former Achievement Hunter staffer and RWBY voice actress addressed her time at the company.

She alleges that her nine years of employment included being constantly called a queerphobic slur, uncredited for countless projects, underpaid by tens of thousands of dollars, and forced to regularly work 14+ hour days.

The full letter is almost unbelievable:

“Every day I came into work I was called ‘F*ggot’ – but they could not use that name in content so when anyone was recording I was called ‘Fugz’ instead,” she explains. “For any fans who used that nickname for me for years, that’s what you were calling me.”

The nickname was finally dropped when Jenzen came out as trans (though videos of her being called the name remain on the channel). That said, her coming out came with a new wave of mistreatment.

“During that time my acting manager began to harass me and lie to the community any time I was ‘planned to be on camera and couldn’t show up’,” she writes. “Many times it was said to the audience watching that I ‘had already gone home’ when I was in the other room crunching to finish my job and the work of my manager.”

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Even with all the queerphobic treatment she received, the relentless time crunch (and lack of proper compensation for it) made up the largest part of her statement. The low pay she received and insurance coverage that went unfulfilled throughout her transition have left the voice actress with medical bills that she was assured at the time would be taken care of.

Rooster Teeth issued a statement of their own, focusing more on “interpersonal challenges” and company culture than the explicit overworking and underpayment that Jenzen addressed.

Their statement in full:

Since Jenzen’s admission, dozens of former Rooster Teeth employees and contractors have come forward about horrible working conditions and compensation from the company.

These recollections have ranged from people being rebuffed by the HR department to folks being overworked to the brink of self-harm.

Here’s just a few of the stories shared:

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The reports go on and on as people come forward to share the traumatic working conditions they faced at the company. Even as they reflect on their awful time at the company, the support between these workers lower on the ladder is evident.

“There are good people still working there, I’m friends with them, and I wish them the best,” Jenzen writes.

“Handful of good people. Bad Company.”

Queerty reached out to Rooster Teeth for comment. We will update this post if we hear back.

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