Trans Woman In Australia Wins Joint Custody Of Daughters

A 49-year-old trans woman in Australia has won a three-and-a-half year court battle to have parental rights and visitations with her children.

A judge in Federal Magistrates Court ruled that the woman, identified as “Ms. Parer,” will have shared responsibility for the three girls—ages 7, 12 and 17—but they will reside with their birth mother.

While the ruling is good news, Parer’s circumstances aren’t so joyous: His Her two older daughters refuse to have anything to do with her, and have been taunted and teased in school.

Their mother claimed Parer committed such grievous acts as introducing the girls to other trans people, showing then a PG-13 rated movie, taking them to a Pride parade and giving their older teen condoms.

Parer sounds like good-parent material to us.