Life After Trump

This Trans Woman’s Car Was Vandalized, And The Community Leapt To Her Defense


To make her position clear, Amber Timmons wrote “love trumps hate” and “not my president” on her car windows shortly after the election.

But when the Denver woman woke up Wednesday morning, she found her car spray-painted with an array of death threats, swastikas, slurs, and “Trump.”

There was also the incoherent but not-quite-incoherent-enough message “fag die he she,” and “die” written next to a swastika.

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According to DenveriteTimmons’ neighbors were quick to show support by leaving notes of support all over her window.


Timmons moved to Cheesman Park because she thought the area would be more accepting of her as a trans woman.

“Like I said on the back, love trumps hate,” she told Denverite. “You don’t fight hate with hate. You fight it with love.”

“I try to tell people that because of the Trump thing, it’s all coming back. It’s coming back hard.”

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“We live in difficult times,” said Glenn Barrows, congregational administrator at First Unitarian Society of Denver.

It’s our position at First Unitarian, has been for decades — we are an island of sanity in a somewhat insane world and we are here for anyone who is marginalized. It’s not just about the congregation, it’s about the community and about the world.”

We will be here. We aren’t going anywhere. We will be here forever. Because we need to be.”

Denver police are currently investigating.