Transgender Day of Remembrance: Honoring Those Lost to Terror

The Leffews, fresh off its own bout of gay-on-gay attacks, are our go-to family on meaningful days. Like National Prayer Day, Mother’s Day, and even Halloween. With today’s National Transgender Day Of Remembrance, we tune in for a mini-history lesson on Rita Hester, the Boston trans-woman found stabbed to death in 1998.

Which brings us to vlogger Erin (aka “grishno”), a trans-woman who counts at least 101 trans folks around the world, murdered because of their identity. Says Erin: “In the face of danger and death, with numbers like this, we still stand up and say, ‘This is who we are, and weren’t not going to compromise for that.'”

As we mourn the loss of Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado, the Puerto Rican teen found mutilated and dead wearing a dress and women’s boots, let’s remember we’re all brothers and sisters. And we all need to have each other’s backs.