Transgender Teenager Not Qualified to Flip McDonald’s Hamburgers

Tiger Woods’ mistress voicemails have nothing on these McDonald’s managers in Orlando, who refused to hire a one Zikerria Bellamy, 17, because she’s transgender. Bellamy, who filled out a job app online, was denied the job after managers discovered her trans status — and left this voicemail, which we hope gets the remix treatment.

Now guess who will be hearing from the Florida Commission on Human Relations?

Are you there, Congress? It’s mean, ENDA.

UPDATE: Even though the box next to “gender” on the McDonald’s job application was listed as “optional” information, and information Bellamy opted not to disclose, the application noted “failure to respond will not subject you to adverse treatment.” Except that’s exactly what happened. Except now the adverse treatment has been aimed at the manager — who’s been fired. In a statement, the company says: “Sand Lake Road McDonald’s has a strict policy prohibiting any form of discrimination or harassment in hiring, termination, or any other aspect of employment in the organization. The restaurant requires all employees to comply with local, state and federal employment laws. The behavior of the individual in question is not reflective of the employment policies in the organization. Further, this individual acted outside the scope of his authority and was not responsible for hiring. The individual in question is no longer employed by the restaurant.” Bellamy is still weighing whether to file a lawsuit. Meanwhile, is this manager’s name being released anywhere? We couldn’t find it.