Keeping Up

Transgender Woman Becomes Kim Kardashian With $100,000 Makeover

Thalia2If imitation is truly the sincerest form of flattery, then Kim Kardashian should be glowing right now for another reason besides her pregnancy. U.K.’s Mirror is reporting that Thalia Almodovar, a transgender woman from New York, has spent over $100,000 to turn herself into the most notorious member of the Kardashian clan.

Although Almodovar transitioned in her teens, it wasn’t until she enhanced her breasts and backside through surgery in her early 20s that people began saying she bared a striking resemblance to the reality television star, who recently became the most followed person on Instagram. “I couldn’t see it at first but then I embraced it,” said the 28-year-old make-up artist. Eventually, the case of mistaken identity got her preferential treatment in nightclubs and restaurants and also led to strangers wanting to take photos with her.

So what’s the breakdown of the cost for keeping up with a Kardashian? Thalia has spent over $75,000 on cosmetic procedures including a butt augmentation to give her Kim’s signature derrière. She receives collagen injections every six months to help maintain full pouty lips that are similar to Kim K’s. In addition, Almodovar also spends upwards of $30,000 on wardrobe and shoes to keep her fashion style on par with Mrs. West.

Now that she has transformed herself into Kim’s doppelgänger, Thalia has set her sights on two goals — she is currently exploring the possibility of becoming a professional lookalike and would like to find love. The latter is proving to be challenging since she admits that sometimes men have approached her solely because of her Kardashian-esque beauty.

“I had this guy that dated me only because he had an obsession with Kim,” lamented the trans beauty. “I’m single now so I’m on the lookout for my own Kanye.”