Fighting Back

Transgender Woman Makes ‘The LGBT Case For Guns’ In The New York Times


The gun control debate has been inflamed in the wake of the Orlando attack, but LGBT gun group Pink Pistols spokeswoman Nicki Stallard thinks some LGBTs have it all wrong.

Writing in The New York Times, Stallard makes some interesting points about why LGBT people should be in favor of the Second Amendment:

I’m not the only one who thinks the L.G.B.T. movement is making a mistake by lining up behind gun control measures. In the days since Orlando, Facebook membership in my pro-gun L.G.B.T. group, Pink Pistols, has quadrupled, from around 1,500 to more than 6,500, and new chapters are starting across the country. Gun stores are reporting a spike in sales to L.G.B.T. buyers, and gun trainers are reaching out, offering free training or discounts.

These are people who understand that if you’re gay or transgender, you can’t simply hope that laws will protect you. They won’t. And you can’t rely on the police. Orlando is proof you could bleed to death in the time it takes for them to stop the shooter.

She also wonders if more lives would’ve been saved if more people in Pulse nightclub were armed:

I used to have reservations about people carrying guns in bars. But 12 states allow concealed carry in bars, and I haven’t heard any reports of increased violence in those places. Now I can’t help wondering how many victims in Orlando might have been saved if a few people inside the nightclub had had concealed carry permits, and been able to fight back.

Apparently, sometimes even the mere presence of a gun can scare off potential bashers:

Just last week, Tom G. Palmer, now a senior fellow at the Cato Institute, wrote in an op-ed article in The New York Daily News about an episode in his 20s when he flashed his pistol at a group of men who were threatening to kill him because he was gay — and they retreated.

This is definitely a timely – and sensitive – issue, and we’re intrigued by the different perspective Stallard brings. Read the entire piece here, and feel free to share your thoughts below.

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