Transgender Miss Universe Contestant Jenna Talackova To Star In New Reality Show

Jenna-Talackova-model-transgender-FacebookJenna Talackova, the Canadian transgender woman Donald Trump ejected from the Miss Universe pageant last year, is making headlines again — only this time, everything seems to be going her way.

Since her famous snub made headlines around the globe, Miss Universe officials have changed the competition’s rules to allow transgender contestants to compete. That spotlight, according to Talackova, landed her in the hot seat with major television networks bidding for her to become their next big reality star.

After turning down a handful of offers (including one that would have cast her in a Bachelorette-style series where she reveals that she is transgender halfway through the season), Talackova found a home with E! Canada in a new reality television series, Brave New Girl.

“I believe everything happens for a reason,” Talackova told The Globe and Mail in a phone interview. “A lot of my friends and people who meet me [have thought] I should have a show because I’m so funny. I think if there’s one thing I’m good at it’s definitely being funny. I just hope people fall in love with my comedy and, like, my personality and really enjoy the show.”

The concept, explained by the show’s producer, Carrie Mudd of Peacock Alley Entertainment, will follow Talackova in a move from Vancouver to Toronto. Fresh out of a three year relationship, she’ll spend most of her time exploring the city and “having adventures” with fellow Miss Universe contestants Elena Semikina and Dajana Radovanovic.

For Talackova, the move is more than just a stunt for reality TV. “I think it’s more a chapter in my life where I want to play with my career more so than being in, like, a relationship,” or as Mudd puts it: “She wants a change, and Toronto, with its proximity to New York, seems to be the place where she at least wants to start the journey. I don’t doubt that she’ll live in 15 cities in the next 10 years.”

Filming of Brave New Girl will run into August, and the show is expected to premiere on E! Canada in September.