Transit Employee Refuses To Drive Rainbow Bus That Supports A “Radical Sexual Movement”

calgary-thursday-august-27-2015-calgary-transit-director1A bus driver in Calgary is having an absolute meltdown over the city’s new rainbow colored buses promoting this year’s Pride celebration.

Jesse Rau has been a driver for Calgary Transit for about a year now. He says his Christian beliefs forbid him for supporting homosexuality. Therefore, driving the rainbow bus would be a direct violation of his deeply held religious beliefs.

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“I’m a Christian so, as a Christian, there are things like homosexuality that I just can’t condone,” Rau said during a press conference. “Unfortunately, we live in a culture where if you disagree with someone’s lifestyle, the accusation is that you hate the person.”

Rau insists he’s not the only bus driver who feels this way.

“People are afraid to speak out against this radical sexual movement that’s happening for fear of leaving their job,” he claimed.

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As a result of his stance, Rau says people are already out to get him. He claims a complaint was filed against him alleging that he had been texting while driving on the job, an allegation he refutes.

“I am very careful not to text while driving,” Rau said. “I am aware that public transit is a blessing to many and I always want to keep the people on my bus safe and secure.”

“I am being targeted for speaking out for my faith,” he added.

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But city manager Jeff Fielding has a different story to tell. He said he hasn’t received any formal complaints about Rau, nor has Rau approached anyone from management about not wanting to drive the rainbow bus.

“Anybody, at any point in time, can write me an email or make an appointment to see me,” Fielding said. “If these were issues of concern to them personally in terms of their own beliefs and practices, I would have dealt with it appropriately.”

Rau refuses to be intimidated by anyone. And he absolutely, positively will not drive the rainbow bus, even if it means getting fired.

“I have a family to support and I am very concerned about losing the job,” he said, “but when it goes against the most important things I stand for, or if I’m asked to compromise in such a big way for what I believe to be right, then I have to lose my job.”

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