Transplant Survivor Dick Cheney Heartless When It Comes To LGBT Community

The news reported that Dick Cheney got a new heart in March, but his recent ABC News interview has us wondering if they forgot to put anything in that cold, dark space.

After saying Obama is the worst Democratic president he can recall—worse than “history’s greatest monster” Jimmy Carter!—Cheney told ABC’s Jonathan Karl he didn’t see any reason to speak out for marriage equality while he was vice president. He sucked the life out of the room with a big resounding “Why?”

“If I was out there 12 years ago in the first campaign in 2000– in the debate with Joe Lieberman in front of millions of Americans on live television—and I laid out my position then and it hasn’t changed…?” he added. “No.  I’ve addressed it and moved on.”

Of course, why would a politician stand up for what’s right if there’s the slightest indication it could hurt him in the polls? That’s what our terrible president did! And, gee, it’s not like Dick has any personal connection to the LGBT community, right?

Oh, right, his daughter, Mary, is a lesbian. It’s funny, when Karl asked about Mary’s wedding to her longtime partner, Cheney stiffened up like the Grinch and remarked, “I’m sure it was fine. We wished them well.”

Apparently Dick and Lynn skipped the ceremony because they didn’t want to turn it into a “media circus.” Right, and not because it would show you for the cowardly hypocrites you are.

We know it’s only Monday, but is it too late to award the Douche of the Week?