“Transportraits” Series Shows The LGBT Community From A Different Angle

02_LTriburgo_Valley_Waterfall_Erin.jpg.CROP.original-originalTrans photographer Lorenzo Triburgo says his “Transportraits” series was a labor of love that took over four years to create. His 30 portraits of trans men aim to show “constructions of masculinity” in the trans community, and were shot at an upward-facing angle to portray a sense of heroism.

Triburgo says the project was especially important because it marked the beginning of his own transition, and his subjects were a great resource that provided a wealth of information. While constructing the project, he met a wide range of men in different stages of transition—a diverse group of people, some of which started transitioning in their mid-50s, and others in their teens.

“Photography is seen as this medium that represents truth, that relays or records a happening or an instance. I think now we can mostly agree that’s a misperception. Things can be altered or the subjectivity of the person taking the photo can dictate how it’s created,” he says. “The same thing goes toward gender. Someone is assigned a gender at birth, when I don’t think there’s any truth behind that. I think gender is something that can grow and change and is more subjective than it’s seen at large.”

The “Transportraits” series is now on display at the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center’s Contemporary Photography Competition through August 24, and will move to Boston University’s Photo Resource Center on September 3.

Check out some of the portraits below:

06_LTriburgo_Autumn_Images_Maxxwell.jpg.CROP.original-original 05_LTriburgo_An_Arctic_Winter_Day_Jose.jpg.CROP.original-original LTriburgo_Two_Seasons_Andrew.jpg.CROP.original-original 07_LTriburgo_Winter_Woods_Dani.jpg.CROP.original-original 01_LTriburgo_A_Pretty_Autumn_Day_Rej.jpg.CROP.original-original

[h/t Slate]