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Trapped in a gilded cage: Does Melania Trump deserve our sympathy?

Ever since a candid nine second clip that captured Melania Trump looking absolutely distraught over something her husband grumbled at her during last week’s inauguration began circulating on social media, the Internet has been crying out for America’s new First Lady. The hashtag #FreeMelania started trending, with people uploading memes and other messages of support to a woman who clearly has no desire or preparation for the tremendous new responsibility that has been thrust upon her. She appears to be floundering in a swamp of chaos with no one, least of all her husband, to reach to for support.

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But not everyone’s heart is bleeding for the 46-year-old QVC saleswoman with an alleged billionaire husband. Many have pointed out that she used to peddle the racist birther theory and once went on national television to accuse President Obama of being a foreigner. She also defended her husband’s “p*ssy grabbing” remarks during the campaign, and threatened to sue media outlets out of existence if they wrote unfavorable things about her. Oh, and she stole Michelle Obama’s speech. All this, of course, was after she stole her husband from another woman way back in 1998. So, yeah, she’s not exactly the perfect picture of a charity case.

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Still, it’s hard not to feel just a little for a woman who spent all of last Friday morning looking like this:

And all of last Friday evening looking like this:

What do you think? Does Melania Trump deserve our sympathy? Share your thoughts…