Tray Butler Closing Shop?

Some distressing news from Tray Butler‘s blog. In a post entitled “Shoot Me“, the former HX editor and soon-to-be Atlanta resident writes:

Is it just me or has the blog gotten really boring lately? Seems like all I do now is post my current illustration, with an occasional meandering anecdote about traveling with my BF.
Double sigh.
Perhaps it’s time to take this thing down and start fresh.

Sure, Butler, we admit that hearing of your adventures with your cutie boyfriend can get a bit tiresome, but the idea of you quitting publishing and the blogosphere really hits us where it hurts. No, not our balls, our so-called hearts.

So, readers, we implore you: send Mr. Butler a little note and tell him how much you love him. Or, you know, don’t. (Although, only some sort of monster couldn’t love Butler. And you’re not a monster, are you?)