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  • ricky

    good fucking lord i am so sick and tired of the anti obama snarky headlines on this site. is the focus on the family republican party running this place now?

  • adam

    ^ thank you. the anti-obama bent of this site is really getting tiresome. we get it already.

  • Mike

    What a strange and hateful caption, over-the-top disrespectful to a President who will shortly sign the Matthew Shepard hate crimes act AND a great gay artist going through some unfortunate hard times. You are obviously NOT free of an agenda. My next click will be to delete “Queerty” from “Favorites”.

  • extrabatteries

    lame headline.

  • Alexa

    Ah yes, now I remember why I stopped coming here for so long.

  • adamblast

    I don’t mind the Obama-snark when it’s holding his feet to the fire about gay rights.

    But “bankrupting the treasury?” When did you become a parrot for Fox news and Limbaugh?

  • Republican

    Now, now, Dems, I know it’s hard for you to read anything negative about The One, but please try to remain calm. Queerty is known for making funny (and sometimes rude and disrespectful) comments about everyone. Punches aren’t pulled just because the person involved is left-wing. That’s one thing that makes Queerty great. Keep it up, guys!

    As for the picture, it’s OK, but not the best family photo I’ve seen. Annie is certainly more talented than this. As for the people themselves, I think Barack and the two kids look absolutely terrific, but Michelle’s expression looks a little off to me. Oh, and I’m not a fan of the green room being used for this kind of picture. Major ugh there.

  • DCGaymer

    Bankrupter? That’s just about the most ludicrous misrepresentation of history I’ve seen on a gay site. Obviously, you don’t have a grasp on political reality.

    Maybe you should just stick to showing us more pictures of guys you’ll never get to sleep with.

    Not that I’ll ever check back here.

  • John

    What a ridiculous headline. You should be ashamed.

  • ggreen

    David you should stick to subjects you are an expert on like “Top 20 Celebrity Near Death Experiences”. You know the “E” Television program you were an expert on. BTW do you ever blink your eyes and what’s with the constant surprised look on your face?

  • InExile

    Queerty wants its country back???

  • alejandro

    famous family. realy??
    queerty, still showing your fucking douche ass face again.

  • Jamie

    I guess I was wrong to give you guys the benefit of the doubt and assume that there was a point behind your Obama bashing. That headline is awful.

  • fuzzypony

    Come on, it’s a funny headline! This is what’s great about Queerty: it hates *everybody.*

  • reason


    yeah your right it hates everybody including lgbt. It goes out of its way to ostracize both alias and enemies in order to stoke up infighting and outfighting. Even when attacking our enemies they are sure to throw in some ad hominem attack that assaults or piss off people in our community. Then instead of people focusing on the injustice they are fighting each other over the personal attack, which in the grand scheme is completely irrelevant. People are so busy looking for someone to bury that nothing gets done on the civil rights front. Decades of very little progress come as no surprise with an organization like this spewing vitriol in every direction from its leaky pores.

  • tjr101

    Now I’m really starting to think Log Cabin Republicans are writing these posts.

  • Orpheus_lost

    I’m no Obama cheerleader and I’m with everyone who thinks this headline is asinine. Claiming that Obama bankrupted this country is basically giving the asshole who really did it a free pass. It was the republican party, bought and paid for by international conglomerates, who bankrupted this country – led by bush the lesser and his puppetmaster cheney. Forgetting that – or worse ignoring it in favor of a snide headline – brings us one step closer to reliving those horrible days.

    Let’s push Obama and never let up on his broken promises, but let’s not ever give those who actually fucked us over so badly a free pass.

  • Paul

    This site is just pathetic, you act like a child and write like one! Grow up and try to be an adult. You can dislike anything you want, and we can stop clicking this sad site…. I think I will !

  • Paul

    I think it is time for a new blogger to run this site. This japhy should jump to a republican blog. This is attitude is not needed or appreciated. Please resign! Please you are just a drag to read.

  • Alexa

    Paul, don’t blame Japhy, he’s been gone for months – just about the time Queerty started going downhill fast.

  • BrianZ

    Funny that I keep reading you same tired bitches moaning about Queerty, threatening to stop clicking because the site doesn’t share your opinion. If your opinions are so easily offended, I’m guessing they aren’t founded on much, if any, substance.

  • Paul

    ok…. Whoever is writing it. Its best we just stop popping in. It has been months since I came by and now I know why. What is lacking substance is the blog ….. My opinion is holding up just fine.

  • Joe Mama

    I hate to jump on a bandwagon but really, yeah, that headline is just wrong in the sense that it’s wrong. To be snarky you have to know what’s going on, and the treasury was bankrupt before Obama was elected, so, yeah… Deleting from favorites. And this is my first ever post on here. To be honest also if anyone at Queerty cares, your layout is abysmal and the writing kind of lame. Fail.

  • Hal

    Stupid headline as usual. Queerty has become tedious.

  • alicia banks


    they are beautiful!


    how will this fine photo help anyone keep one home or save one job or bring one soldier home???



  • fuzzypony

    @ reason:

    Then why are you still reading? Places like this only exist because large numbers of people support them. If everybody who claims they have a problem with Queerty stopped visiting, then all that would be left would be a handful of us bitter, P.O’d people grumbling at each other, and Queerty would have no influence. You complain about it, and then you come back to see who the latest piece of snark attacks. You can’t have it both ways. The fact that you (and everyone with similar opinions) comment negatively is enough to keep the place jumping.

  • Don

    Grow up Queerty. This article and headline is one of the most idiotic things this site has ever done.

  • luke

    oh hey, fox news. this is idiotic and immature, not to mention sooo sooo sooo misinformed. goodbye forever queerty, i hope you enjoy losing readers everyday.

  • reason


    Bad information is dangerous, good people swing by this site some on purpose some on accident, they need to here the truth. If more people stood up to challenge the B.S. that was being spewed by the media and blogosphere during the run up to Iraq we may have avoided that epic disaster.

  • Brian Miller

    Ummm, well, he is borrowing up to $3 trillion this year and spending $2 for every dollar he takes in this year.

    That’s pretty much the definition of bankrupting the Treasury.

  • Brian Miller

    And might I add that it’s amusing to watch enraged partisan quisling queers act like good FOX News watchers and delete any sites from their worldview that don’t fawn over their party’s guy?

    I mean, this man lied to get into office and is treating you and your family with contempt… but a little snark by a web site that truthfully notes that he’s spending far, far more than he is taking in sends you into Rush Limbaughesque paroxysms of rage!

    Seriously, have some self-respect. Look at the facts, and move off of the major party plantation. Stop sacrificing yourself and your dignity to help some millionaire politician who doesn’t give a flipping fcuk about you.

  • Ian

    “TREASURY BANKRUPTER” are you fucking serious? I know that people here probably didn’t even go to college, much less understand the basics of economics, but for you to make such stupid accusations only shows your level of racism against the first black president.

    Shame on you.

  • mb00

    Nail head meet hammer…I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • Dustin

    Seriously Queerty, That headline is outrageous! Does Rupert Murdoch own this website too?
    I know this isn’t a news website, and I obviously don’t think you must be unbiased, but that’s just unfounded and over-the-top.

  • lcatgoddess

    Wow. Queerty, you managed to make me hate this site more.

  • DaveO

    Thank you! Someone needs to call out BO for his crap.

  • Cynthia

    I’ve read too many articles, titles, and comments on this site and I just had enough. The LGBT community is diverse and is composed of folks from different social classes, race, nationalities, and ethnicities. But Queerty just love false labels when it comes to black folks. If you’re Black here are the following categories that you are placed in:
    A) A Christian Homophobe
    B) A Violent Thug
    C) A Black Gay On the Downlow
    D) A savage backwards Homophobe from a Caribbean/African Country.
    E) Some freak of nature if you happened to be Black and Intersexed (Ex: Caster Semenya)

    You see, only a White Gay man can be well respected at Queerty. Only a white gay man is proud of being openly gay and would fight for gay rights.

    Although Obama is a bit slow to repealing DOMA, and DADT, this extreme title about the President comes as no surprise.

    Go to a real legitimate site like Pam’s House Blend where there is real intellectual dialogue. Pam’s House Blend is a wonderful contribution to the LGBT community.

    Queerty, on the other hand is a disgrace to the LGBT community and will actually do more harm and division to the Gay rights movement. I’m done with this site.

    Maybe this should be their new motto: Queerty: Fighting Homophobia with a Racist Agenda :) Good Riddance!

  • porsha

    I stop by here once in a while just to see if you EVER show a real, good looking MAN with natural body hair who has a smile and is not some alleged model, even though you rarely do! This time I’m going to COMPLAIN about your stupid, and quite wrong, headline above the Obama family photo. You might think it’s funny. I don’t! And a few comments, like #31, are just as stupid as you! Maybe I’ll stop by here again, maybe not, if you don’t show some intelligence and at least apologize to the Obama family. You should also apologize to the few readers you have left! Shame on you INDEED!

  • jonathon

    headlines like these show such a sad, unfortunate lack of understanding for basic, fundamental knowledge of economics. It really shows the Queerty editor’s stupidity.

    I hope people don’t think all gays are like the ones who run this website, because if they do, then we’ve got some problems on our hands that are bigger than DOMA or DADT.

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