Treat yourself to an unobstructed view of Darren Criss skinny-dipping

American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace has spent the last few weeks exploring Andrew Cunanan’s (Darren Criss) disturbing backstory. Back…story. See what we did there?

The show has already treated viewers to Criss’ derrière, as well as a particularly odd and particularly Speedo’ed dance number.

But for fans who needed more (will you ever be satisfied?), last week’s episode employed the oldest storytelling trick in the book: the skinnydip.

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We believe it was just after Antigone was imprisoned for defying the law and giving her brother a proper burial that Sophocles included the first classic skinnydip scene (don’t look that up).

And hey, when it works, it works.

Head here to enjoy the beautiful cinematography of the scene in question.

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