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Trevor Donovan Is One Hot Beach Babe; Justin Bieber’s Pals Are Teasing Him Over Nude Pics

What a great week to be Janet Jackson! Not only was the entertainer just announced as a nominee for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at the 2016 ceremony, but her latest album Unbreakable is set to debut at number one, giving her a chart-topping album in each of the past four decades. You can celebrate by listening to her single “BurnItUp!”

Behold Trevor Donovan in his natural habitat.


Forget the innumerable sequels and the disappointing musical there’s only one Bring It On and it’s been 15 years (!) since it was released. Some of the cast, including the still-dreamy Jesse Bradford, reunited to discuss their memories and what their characters might be up to today.

It’s the duet you never knew you wanted to hear. Pope Francis offers a singular rendition of a Captain and Tennille standard with his best gal pal Kim Davis, courtesy of funny lady Allison Lane.

Steven Goldstein, who is portrayed by Steve Carrell in the just-released fact-based drama Freeheld, is mostly happy with the movie but expressed to Michael Musto a few quibbles. “I’m looking forward to the day where I’m not just Jack from Will & Grace with a yarmulke or Jm. J Bullock from Too Close For Comfort,” he said. “LGBTs are complex people. I can have a sense of humor. That doesn’t mean that’s who I am. And I love the movie. There are plenty of moments where Steve Carell is me. And plenty where I wouldn’t have a clue as to who he’s playing.”


Justin Bieber‘s dad maybe be overly-excited by the nude pics of  his son, but the pop singers friends are busting his balls. According to HollywoodLife, “They’re call him the Pac-man because, well, he’s packing.”


We had no idea there was speculation that the late Elizabeth Taylor had been a Scientologist, but if you were wondering, this article will set you straight, so to speak.


Raven-Symoné told the audience of The View that she supports discrimination against people with “ghetto-black names”…while seated next to Whoopi Goldberg…and apparently forgetting her own name.


In other news, people are stripping off their clothes and pretending to be frozen chickens. No judgment here.


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  • Joe Eugene

    In a sane society, photos of nude celebrities wouldn’t even be newsworthy. I doubt anybody didn’t think Bieber had a penis, so proof of its existence is a big yawn. And if it’s big or small or curved or corkscrewed, that’s as big a deal as an unusual nose or ears or a mole or something. People have bodies — get used to it!

  • Gothrykke

    Frozen chickens? Have any of them ever seen a whole frozen chicken? I think I saw one with his arms folded up like wings. The rest, just stupid naked white boys abasing themselves in the open.

  • Arcamenel

    Raven-Symone needs to choke on her internalized racism. Bieber is not “packing” or well endowed. He’s a skinny guy with an average size penis, of course it’s going to look bigger on him.

  • martinbakman

    Bieber has friends?

  • iloveblondyboys

    Trevor Donovan is gorgeous beyond imagination. He’s one of those guys I can’t stop staring at.

  • stranded

    If his friends are calling him Pac-Man, then they’re not his friends. Come on, no real friends reference your dick as a nickname. Probably just leeches in his entourage who do nothing but boost his self esteem.

  • tricky ricky

    my children Nyquil, Sudafed, Benadryl, and especially Fahrvergnügen, are shocked, simply shocked, that Raven Simone wouldn’t hire them.

  • tricky ricky

    @Arcamenel: studies have been done showing that children with weird ass or oddly spelled names do worse in school because teachers don’t give them as much attention and they figure the parents just don’t care otherwise they wouldn’t have named their kid that.

  • Bromancer7

    @Arcamenel: Another size queen who really doesn’t have any clue what an “average sized” penis looks like. I’m not saying Beebs is huge, but it’s definitely bigger than average.

    The average flaccid penis is 3.5″ long. The average erect penis is 5.5″. Now take out a ruler or tape measure and see precisely how long those measurements are. Beebs is clearly larger than average even if he’s a shower instead of a grower.

  • OhHellNo

    1. Janet Jackson should enjoy her Number One, because it will be fleeting. The new album is impeccably produced, and mostly boring and melody-free. The highlight is when it sounds like she’s trying to sound like her dead brother. It’s also very creepy.

    2. I’m sure Beiber knows by now that a camera is on him from somewhere at all times. The nude pix are about as accidental as the Iraq war. At least we know now he’s not a lesbian. But wait, Photoshop exists!

    3. If you’re a horrible person, when you die you go to Raven-Symone’s hairstylist with Kelly Osbourne.

  • paul dorian lord fredine

    there was a black comic (i wish i could remember which one, dammit) that i think was either mid-late 90s or early 2000s that did a routine about black parents giving their kids odd names like ‘tylenol’ and ‘advil’. it was one of the funniest routines i’ve ever heard. i guess today they’d call for him to be lynched. besides, have you ever seen some of the stupid names adult white people decide to change their names to? and we’re talking about adults choosing to adopt a ridiculous name ( a guy in ohio actually changed his name to optimus prime and you can call another captain fantastic but his full name is captain fantastic faster than superman spiderman batman wolverine hulk and the flash combined. would you hire him?). maybe raven mentioned the names she did because those are ones she’s actually heard of. and, btw, it’s mentioned she seemingly forgot who she was sitting next to. anybody actually remember ‘whoopi’ is only her stage name. her mother didn’t give her that name.

  • ingyaom

    Why does Trevor’s head look photoshopped onto his body?

  • Tracy Pope

    @Joe Eugene: Well, for a human male, corkscrewed would certainly be different!! Other than that the curiosity is only because – love him or hate him – it’s about a popular personality.

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