Trevor Donovan Thinks It’s ‘Cool’ His 90210 Character Is About to Administer BJs

Trevor Donovan, whose debut on 90210 we welcomed with a post titled “How Trevor Donovan Will Drive the 90210 Girls Crazy,” has been well trained on how to speak to the public about his character Teddy Montgomery going gay.

Nope, nothing offensive to see here! “It was cool when they came to me with it, I was honored, flattered that they thought I could take on something like this and handle it in the way it’s being written and what we shot so far is done very, very smart, very intelligent,” says Donovan, a former A&F model. “It’s really going to deal with his inner turmoil, the battle, and the struggles for self acceptance that I don’t think gets addressed enough.”

But what about all the lady fans who are gonna be sad that, IN THEIR HEADS, they can no longer get with that? ““It’s not an immediate thing and it’s not a cut and dry situation; there’s going to be a gray area, a transition.” Translation: Bi now, gay later.

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    If you cyberstroll ova to Tab Prodig you will see ALL of Trevor Donovan……………

  • AlanInS.L.UT


    So, I googled Tab Prodig and it comes up with a bunch of guitar equipment. Where the hell do you go to see ALL of him?


    @AlanInS.L.UT: They filter other sites….try this first “tabloid” second “prodigy”

  • Daez

    Ahh, yet another touching coming out story…

    Isn’t think like the 1,000,000th time we’ve seen a coming out story. If they decide to keep him past the simply coming out story will depend on rather the storyline actually makes any difference at all or not. Personally, I don’t think anyone has ever come as close to representing gays favorably as Degrassi TNG.

  • Hilarious

    @Daez: Can’t remember for sure, but I think I read something about Teddy being made a permanent member of the cast a while ago.

    He’s not going anywhere. Especially if they want to compete against shows like Degrassi which always feature a gay character every season.

    90210 has a leg up on the competition with the fact that they don’t replace their cast like Degrassi is doing(and currently failing at…most of the new cast really sucks).

  • Enron

    He is so hot. Please do a Trevor Donovan – shirtless search and you will see what I mean.

  • ChrisM

    I might just have to start watching this show. Please don’t let them wait a whole season to have a gay romance scene, this guy is gorgeous!

  • Devon

    Hot diggity damn, I just might start watching this show.

  • Dan

    The real test is whether they treat gay sex/romance/love the same on-screen as hetero sex/romance/love. Many shows have a distinct irritating way of not treating them as matter-of-factly as the other.

  • Renny

    What a good guy. I read his twitter post and he’s a pro! More like him and I’ll start watching TV again.

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