Pride goes digital

The Trevor Project teams with Demi Lovato for digital pride campaign

Continuing in the great virtual pride experiment of 2020, The Trevor Project has announced a new partnership with Demi Lovato for its Pride Everywhere campaign.

In a statement, The Trevor Project explains the initiative seeks to reach LGBTQ youth who are “isolated from affirming communities and unable to celebrate Pride in the way that they normally would.”

“Expressing who they are while sheltering at home can be extremely difficult,” the statement continues, noting the unfortunate reality that losing physical prides this year means queer youth missing the opportunity to find strength in standing among a sea of community.

The video feature will showcase scenes from prides past, with Lovato lending her voice as narrator.

“When you see this parade what do you see?” she says. “You see people from all walks of life owning their power unapologetically and using it for those who need it. You see resilience in a thousand forms, the strength to stand up despite so many reasons to sit down. You see imagination at every turn, a brilliance shared by creative minds, writing stories, solving problems and painting pictures that will become our history. You see the unrivaled diversity of our people — our ideas and the ways we’re building our future. You see the energy that guides us, that drives us, that promises we’re a part of something big and growing. This is not a parade, this is pride.”

Using the #PrideEverywhere hashtag and a special photo filter, The Trevor Project encourages folks to share their favorite pride moments.

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