Trevor Thomas Joins List of HRC Flacks Running From Joe Solmonese

So maybe this is why HRC is having such trouble with its media messaging: Just after communications director Brad Luna fled the activist organization after on-going disagreements with Joe Solmonese’s ineffective lobbying strategy, Queerty hears Trevor Thomas, who’s been the deputy communications director for the last two and a half years, submitted his resignation today. More departures are expected imminently. (Update: Trevor’s stated last day will be April 9. He’ll then assume a post at Servicemembers Legal Defense Network.)

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  • AndrewW

    HRC has proven that they (and lobbying) are completely ineffective. They’ve wasted +$550 million and have nothing to show for it.

    The END is near.

  • Robert

    the sooner their collapse the better

  • J

    I heard this was an April Fools’ joke.

  • Steve

    @Robert (No. 2)

    I agree!

  • J

    They’re not going anywhere. There’s still many people who don’t realize what a waste HRC is and will still give them money. It’s a sad truth. Someone ought to start an Anti-HRC campaign.
    When confronted with an on-street promoter of HRC in NYC, in which I was asked for money, I asked when things were going to be passed. Let me see a time line that I approved of. When would DADT be gone, when would we see ENDA? Whats the future of DOMA? The girl had no response except to say “check our website” and handed me a piece of paper that had a list of accomplishments, one of which was “successfully lobbying lawmakers for Mathew Shepard hate crimes legislation”. I laughed at her. I told her that HRC didn’t get that for this community, the boy’s awesome mother spent the last 11 years of her life getting that legislation passed in memory of her brutally murdered son and HRC can go blow a Clydesdale or 2. Stop asking me for money!
    She politely walked away and didn’t think about approaching me when I walked by again.
    “Hey hey, ho ho, HRC has got to go!”

  • Lanjier

    Hopefully, the entire organization will depart. By condoning the Administration they have hurt the gay rights cause. Get them out of the fucking way.

  • Cam

    HRC is like Chrysler, Wooworths, Enron, Gimballs etc…

    It’s a huge organization that thought it could just ride on intertia and it’s reputation and not actually do anything or put out a “Quality Product”. Joe Solomnese is just like those CEO’s that had large deals and figured they would get paid no matter what because, since HRC always tells everybody how impossible things are and what a struggle everything is, they never had to show any results. Well times changed and people see that every major step in the movement has been achieved in the courts, or at the state level somtimes with actual opposition from HRC. The community would rather see some spectacular failures (Prop 8) if at the same time we are even making smaller improvements (Marriage in DC and MD.) over getting a “Never work, never take a risk strategy” but seeing a bunch of black tie benefits with smiling HRC employees lining up to get their pictures taken with whatever Celeb they could get.

  • Tommy

    Dems have huge majorities in both houses of Congress and the White House, but HRC can’t get ENDA passed. That is a stripped down version of a bill first introduced 37 years ago. If HRC can’t even get that done in such a favorable environment, then what is it good for? Oh yeah, fabulous fashion, a nice building, the WH Easter egg roll, and an ambassadorship to Romania. Cool!

  • Steve

    It is time for HRC to consider new leadership.

    It is also time for HRC to expand its range of activities beyond just fund-raising and partying. HRC could sponsor legal actions, public demonstrations, grass-roots lobbying, and other events.

    New leadership could transform the organization. The old leadership is stuck on the defensive.

  • jeffree

    When a ship is sinking,, you have a choice: Stay on board or *run escape flee* to the closest lifeboat u can find.

    HINT: pick the object that’s NOT sinking!!

  • AndrewW

    Without a strategy to actually deliver our full equality – HRC should just stop soliciting donations. It doesn’t matter, at this point, if they stay in business because they’ve never accomplished anything. +$550 million wasted.

    Well, those “cruising” stickers. Very effective.

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