Trial Begins For Sean Cody Stud Who Extorted Gay Republican Businessman

The trial began this week for Sean Cody gay adult film actor Teofil Brank (a.k.a. Jarec Wentworth), who is accused of extorting a Republican businessman for $1.5 million.

Donald Burns is a wealthy Florida business tycoon known for donating huge amounts of money to super-conservative causes, like the time he forked over $400,000 to the group Florida Red and Blue in 2008 to help fight against legalizing gay marriage in the Sunshine State.

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51-year-old Burns, who is worth an estimated $250 million, testified this week that he first met 25-year-old Brank in 2013 and paid him for sex “at least four times.” He also admitted to paying Brank between $1,500 and $2,500 every time the adult film actor introduced him to other a male models and performers for “private meetings.”

“It was partly a coping mechanism from the loss of my long-term relationship,” he told the jury.

Over time, however, their relationship soured. Then earlier this year, Brank allegedly sent Burns a string of text messages threatening to publish naughty photos of the businessman on Twitter.

“I do have a twitter and your photos,” one of the texts read. “Lies can be made or maybe it’s the truth.”

“You lied to me and treated me like shit,” another one said. “Now it’s biting you in the ass.”

He also warned the Burns that money “won’t wash away what people will read and see of you” before demanding a “new car, a motorcycle and hands full of cash.”

Burns complied. He paid Brank $500,000 plus gave him his Audi8 sports car, worth $180,000. But according to the business tycoon, that still wasn’t enough. Brank demanded another $1 million and a condo in L.A. And that’s when Burns went to the FBI.

Brank was arrested in a Starbucks parking lot in El Segundo, CA on April 4. Officers found a Colt Magnum revolver, six rounds of ammunition and the Samsung smartphone he had used to make the alleged extortion demands on his person.

The trial continues.

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