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Trident’s tweet about transgender gum pops all over its face

Trident gum has found itself in a sticky situation (sorry) after firing off a series of tweets joking about the gender pronouns of its products.

“he/they of the day: spearmint trident gum,” the brand Tweeted Saturday.

That led to some immediate backlash from some trans Twitter users:

And we’re not sure Trident fully grasped the sarcasm of this comment, judging by their response:

But some responses surely stuck to the bottom of Trident’s shoe (sorry), like when one commenter pointed out that Trident’s parent company, Mondelez International, has made political contributions to anti-LGBTQ Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas).

And another comment pointed out that Trident kinda-sorta-completely stole the “he/they of the day” premise from Twitter user @emonormie.

@emonormie wasn’t thrilled to have their account co-opted by a giant corporation, either: