TRIFECTA: TV Land, Tonys, And Now the Emmys for Neil Patrick Harris?

Jon Stewart and David Letterman are obviously no match for Neil Patrick Harris, who’s doing better PR-generating business as the host of awards shows than for How I Met Your Mother. After scoring the Tony-hosting gig on the heels of a well-received TV Land Awards-hosting job, the Emmys are said to be looking to NPH to rescue its own ratings. We’re about 5 seconds away from learning the Academy Awards also wants him.

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  • Dick

    A new level of awesomeness for NPH

  • naprem

    Neil and Ellen rule the world. Ha – fuck you, fundies.

  • The Gay Numbers


  • Mike L.

    It would be cool for both Neil and Ellen to host together one of those awards shows.

    He’s such a cutie.

    OMG and they could show up together, and people would confuse one for the other, that’d be funny if that would like be the premise as to why they got the gig together as a funny skid.

  • 7SK

    I’d nominate NPH for de facto host of everything ever, but 1. it’d be a waste of his talent, and 2. Ryan Seacrest would lose twenty-five of his thirty-seven jobs. Or would that be a good thing?

  • alan brickman

    neil patrick should do more than just self promoting himself…

  • Rudy

    NPH and Ellen?
    Harris was brilliant on the Tonys.
    Ellen was one of the worst Oscar hosts ever.

  • galefan2004

    Wow. This might actually make me watch the Emmys this year. What I like about NPH isn’t that he is hot (although make no doubt about it he is scorching hot) but that he is also very personable. He knows how to get through to people. We need to get him to host the gay rights movement because his charisma is un-fucking-believable.

  • galefan2004

    @alan brickman: What exactly do you mean by that? I mean, the fact that he is likable and puts himself out there is GREAT for the “gay agenda” if you are trying to imply he isn’t doing enough for gay rights. I think you underestimate his effect on people. I think that when he gets on television and is himself and is out and is willing to pose on the red carpet with his hot boyfriend has his date people see that. I think the biggest problem we have is that people never meet gay people in smaller areas, and if they have they normally meet a public bath room troll or something similar. I mean, when my sister-in-law met me for the first time she didn’t even believe I was gay because her gay brother acts NOTHING like me at all. I think the more positive representations we get out there the better the cause gets. So, he can promote himself all he fucking wants. Also, if just one kid sees that and realizes that he can grow up to be anything he wants to be and still be out and open then that will change his life for the better.

  • galefan2004

    @Rudy: I think his comment was meant much more about how he considers NPH and Ellen to be our two champions for gay rights in the media. I would definitely add DLB to that list (I really don’t give a fuck that he got fucked by his BOYFRIEND bareback…if anyone here wants to make the claim that they never fucked bareback then I will straight out call them a liar). We have all done it. Hell, I prefer it personally, but I don’t do it with people I don’t know really well, but this dude did it with his BOYFRIEND. Also, I’m going to add our silver fox Anderson Cooper to that list too because even if he isn’t out he is using his position of power to fight for gay rights, and you don’t have to be out to do that.

  • epluribusunumjk

    Isn’t trifecta a type of betting? I have heard people use it in this context, but I don’t think it makes much sense.

    Sorry, I don’t want to be a grammar Nazi, but this word reminds me of this str8 douche I used to tutor in college, and every paper he wrote had “trifecta” incorporated into it.

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