Trio Attack At Gay Bar

Is nothing sacred!? A troublesome trio assaulted a number of gay folk at a Dallas area gay club last week:

[Sid Gonzales] said he tried to be friendly and make small talk with the trio. But he said he was not trying to hit on the men, whom he described as straight-looking, well-dressed and college-aged.

When Gonzales asked a few questions, the woman responded but the men said nothing and looked uncomfortable, he said.

Gonzales said he reached out to shake hands with one of the men. The man grabbed Gonzales’ arm, twisted it in the air and slammed it against a knee. Gonzales said the first man also stabbed him in the hand with an unidentified object, while the second began kicking him in the backside.

“I think it was a hate crime,” Gonzales said. “They weren’t there to have fun. They were there to pick fights with queers.”

Gonzales went for security following the incident, but couldn’t find them: apparently they were tied up with some other homos who had encountered the men and woman.

The Dallas Police Department has yet to assign an officer to the case. Shocking, right?