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Trio Of New York’s Gay Bashing Suspects All Plead Not Guilty

Staten Island’s Matthew Francis, 21 (pictured), and Christopher Orlando, 17, pleaded not guilty to charges of assault and attempted robbery as hate crimes stemming from the Oct. 3 West Village bar bathroom gay bashing of Benjamin Carver. Separately, Queens’ Frederick Giunta, 25, also pleaded not guilty on charges of attacking Julius bartender Greg Davis on Oct. 11 while screaming racist and anti-gay slurs.

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  • dave

    If there is solid evidence that these guys did what they are accused of doing; then enough already, hand me my baseball bat. Yeah OK so it’s not PC to be a vigilante. So who is protecting us?!? Cops look the other way. We have to start to fight back on the terms that these sub humans understand. I have run out of forgivness and turn the other cheek BS. Each and every gay basher should be hunted down and have the shit beaten out of them and then branded right in the middle of their forehead.

  • Paul

    Dave-there is NOTHING wrong with being a vigilante in order to correct the weakneses of justice. Remember that is how (and why) our country was founded.

  • Rick Gold

    How long until we get a “he is kinda cute” comment?

    He is actually kinda cute

  • Jnyca

    I agreed with Dave.

    Enough being nice. It feels like the only way people like this are going to start being respectful is if a few get their butts kicked in retaliation.

  • the crustybastard

    How long until we get a “Rick Gold is a pathetic and desperate gay self-parody” comment?

    Oh, look! Here’s one now.


    @Rick Gold: Sorry, hate is oh so very not cute………… He probably has a tiny dick………..

  • prohomo

    @dave: I so agree. Where’s our gay rage. We never shoudld’ve been so nice from the beginning.

  • ewe

    GUILTY. Throw them in the Fresh Kills garbage dumping grounds where they can rot with the stench of other disposables.

  • FYI

    The “trio”. Odd isn’t it? Do you notice that these miscreants almost always hunt in packs like cowardly hyenas?

    ….hmmmmm, well, maybe not an apt comparison. Sorry, that really was not fair to hyenas. Hyenas only kill to survive. And, on second thought, hyenas will often take on a lion (which are much, much bigger than them) — therefore, they’re not really cowardly. So, I guess these human vermin chickenshits must remain in their own unique category of loathsomeness.

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