Of triumph, talent and representation: Our 2020 Queerty Interview Highlights

Well, we made it. This year has almost come to an end.

Thank goodness for the entertainers, artists and activists, then, that have kept us occupied and amused this year, not to mention the folks that have worked so hard to make sure 2021 sees an end to COVID-19, Trump, social upheaval and general craziness.

With that in mind, we'd like to present some highlights from our ongoing series The Queerty Interview to share the insight and wisdom of some of the most talented and transgressive people working today. All helped make 2020 tolerable, and gave us hope that next year can be even better.

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Anthony Rapp talks landing -two- roles of a lifetime in ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ and ‘Rent’

Actor Anthony Rapp, on why sexual assault and harassment of men is so rarely discussed:

There’s a weird notion that because you’re a man, you’re more physically strong, that you can fight someone off. I think maybe that’s part of it. Not long after I came forward, a friend of mine who’s in good shape was working as a server in a restaurant. And a friend of a friend came in and got really drunk and grabbed his crotch. And my friend was still like did I do something? He somehow couldn’t even name it himself that he’d been assaulted. I think, in the gay community sometimes, because of so much suppression and oppression for so many years, that sexual expression is seen as a piece of liberation. So some of these norms were fuzzy, but I think there has been a reckoning in the gay community too that is assault. Consent is vital for everyone. So to be grabbed in a non-consenting way is assault. And it needs to be named, called out, and accounted for.

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