Trolling Tuesday: Larry Craig Edition

It’s Tuesday, readers. You know what that means. It’s Trolling Tuesday time! Hooray!

In honor of Senator Larry Craig’s recent arrest and guilty plea for lewd conduct in the Minneapolis airport, we’ve dedicated this week’s installment to sexverts soliciting in or near the airport.

Minneapolis be poppin’, after the jump!

Our first featured troll sounds perfect for Craig. Title? “married, looking to blow over 50 and married

i am slim, cut and athletic build. in town for the night and would like to blow or jo and older CLEAN married man. not into the gay thing but would like to see try something new

Not into the gay thing? Married? Over fifty? It’s perfect! Except for the whole clean thing. Sorry, but Craig’s a politician. Ain’t nothing clean about that lot.

If Craig frequents Northwest airlines and not in a rush, he may want to consider this lovely lad [stuck at airport till 4:30]:

looking for fun at airport MSP
northwest terminal
pics to trade
35 6’2 175
blond Blue

Nice and simple. Just like the Idahoan Senator.

Meanwhile, if Craig’s into threesomes and older men, he may want to check this one out [Two Looking for Third]:

Two mature men looking for a third for this evening. Safe, discreet fun. Enjoy body contact, oral, nipple play, etc. No strings. Both professional seeking same. Will be checking messages later. Let us know if you are interested in hot fun.

That sounds like a good time. Nipple play? Republicans love nipple play! They’ve been sucking America’s tit for decades!

Oh, what’s this? Goodness! It looks like Larry Craig’s been using Craigslist the whole time. Consider “Discreet annonymous [sic] walk-in, role-play – 51” (Craig’s 64, but he seems like the type to lie about his age, right):

I have a fantasy of being tied down and edged and not allowed to cum for awhile and then being forced to shoot. But I have a bit of a twist in mind. I would be prepared for you ahead of time in self restraint spread eagle on my bed. I would be using bondage cuffs and chains with snap hooks (like a dog leash has). Both of my ankles would already be secured and also my left wrist. My right wrist would be wearing the cuff, but it would not yet be hooked up, it would still be unrestrained. Your job would be to quietly and discreetly enter, softly walk to my side and grab hold of that wrist and forced it to the corner of the bed and attach the hook to the D-ring of the cuff. You must enter and get to my side without alerting me to your arrival in any way. I would be wearing a leather blindfold and ear plugs and will also be using hearing protector head gear like ground workers use at the airport. This very effective combination will prevent me from being aware of your arrival and you will have no problem overpowering one arm since you will have the element of surprise and leverage. You could even use your body weight to keep that arm under control while you hook the bondage cuff to the chain. I will attempt to prevent you from restraining that arm but you will prevail….

That’s exactly what we imagine Craig to be into – freaky!