Troye Sivan gets his butt out online and sends fans wild


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Is Troye Sivan taking a leaf out of Lil Nas X’s book and using a bit of controversy to make people aware of his new song?

In mid-April, Sivan revealed his latest track, a collaboration with the DJ Regard and Canadian singer Tate McRae entitled ‘You’.

Today, the video for the song went online, and after midnight in his home country of Australia, Sivan tweeted a link.

Shortly afterward he posted the behind-the-scenes image clearly showing his butt cheeks – albeit he’s wearing a thong and some see-through lace/mesh type outfit.

“Fine I’ll get cheeks out on main.”

Among those to respond was Grindr’s official Twitter profile.

Sivan posted the same image to Instagram, where it quickly picked up over half a million likes in less than nine hours, including approval from Gus Kenworthy, MNEK, and Shawn Mendes.

Shortly after posting the butt pic, Sivan and Lil Nas X exchanged tweets. Sivan first posted an image of an emoji pulling down their shades and then (from Lil Nas X), an emoji sucking someone’s toe. Fans were left pondering the meaning of it all.

When one Twitter user dared to suggest Sivan and Lil Nax X were both bottoms and likely incompatible, Lil Nas X responded, “delete it right fckin now.”

It would be remiss not to include a link to the aforementioned video, which we imagine Sivan would very much like you to check out. In it, a die-hard fan attempts to hack into the online accounts of Sivan and McRae, even using deepfake technology to splice herself into their video.

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On a more serious note, Sivan talked to i-D magazine yesterday about the dangers of deepfake AI and why it was another reason why he always thinks carefully about what he puts on the internet.

“I’ve been cautious of what I put on social media for a long time,” he said. “I grew up online and have had socials since I was probably 12. I feel like there’s this innate feeling within me that knew whatever I put on the internet lasts forever.

“I’m really grateful that I did because I worry a lot for young people online. The iPad kids. I don’t know if it’ll be innate to them, that they’ll understand [the risks], or if they’ll put everything online and pay for it later. That’s really scary to me.”

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