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Troye Sivan reveals the album and the gay music icon who helped him discover his queerness

For some reason, I figured out how to illegally download ‘Like a Prayer’ by Madonna. And I put it on repeat in the Windows media player on the PC, out of the terrible computer speakers. And I ran in circles and skipped, and I just sang that song over and over, and over and over again.

Looking back, I feel like if I saw my kid doing that, I would melt. It would just melt my heart because to me there’s nothing sweeter than seeing inklings of queerness in children, because I think it’s been something that’s been bashed out of us for so long that I just can’t wait to celebrate that in kids.

It was moments like that where I don’t know why, but I was just so drawn to this flamboyant, camp, huge pop star.”Troye Sivan speaking to Variety about how Madonna’s music changed his life.

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