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Troye Sivan’s steamy “Angel Baby” video is a queer Renaissance painting come to life

Troye Sivan has a whole lot of angels…baby.

In September, the Australian pop star released the dreamy, synth-heavy single “Angel Baby,” and a “visualizer video” to accompany it. There’s even more to visualize in the full video, released Wednesday morning.

In it, Sivan has almost as many lovers as Kylie Minogue had in her 2010 video for “All The Lovers”…

…but Minogue, a fellow Australian, was kind enough to lend him a few–more than a few, actually.

Sivan has his cake and while he doesn’t eat it, too, he still manages to get a sugar high:

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There’s also a whole lot of making out:

And a memorable motorcycle thong moment:


And here’s Kylie’s “All The Lovers” from over eleven years ago, just because: