Trucker Wins $2.2 Million Lawsuit After Boss Allegedly Grabs His Butt And Draws Penises On His Paychecks





A trucker from New York just got a major pay day in court. Raymond Rosas was awarded 2.2 million smackeroos this week in a lawsuit against his former employer, Balter Sales Co., a restaurant supply company headquartered in Manhattan.

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The settlement came after Rosas accused his former manager, Barry Rosenberg, of making unwanted sexual advances towards him in the workplace.

According to Rosas’ lawsuit, Rosenberg “would repeatedly stick his tongue out” and try to lick Rosas’ face (ew!) and “would repeatedly try and grab Rosas’ buttocks” at work (rude!). In addition to that, he would allegedly draw penises on Rosas’ paychecks almost every week.

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When Rosas finally went to supervisor Mark Balter to complain about the harassment, he claims Balter accused him of having “a Latin attitude”  then fired him a few months later.

According to Balter, Rosas was fired for stealing $700 worth of restaurant equipment, a charge the driver denies. He claims the termination was as a result of his ethnicity, sex and was retribution for speaking out against Rosenberg.

In the end, the jury sided with Rosas.

“The jury was absolutely right,” Rosas’ lawyer lawyer, Derek Smith, said. “The jury was angered at the way Mark Balter treated his employee.”

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h/t: New York Daily News

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