Handmaid's Tale?

Trump advisor says men want “handmaidens”

Via Youtube

Just days after the announcement that controversial activist Clarence Mason Weaver would serve as an advisory board member on the Trump campaign’s “Black Voices for Trump”, more negative comments have surfaced in which Weaver disparaged women and queer people.

One particularly cringy statement is his assertion that men don’t want “queens,” they want “handmaidens,” a possible reference to the science fiction series The Handmaid’s Tale in which women are kept as slaves.

Weaver is no stranger to scandalous remarks, having worked as a Fox News commentator and maintained his own YouTube channel. Now, according to NBC News, even more incendiary comments have surfaced. In 2018, he attacked a BestBuy ad featuring two moms, saying “There was no reason for BestBuy to have that ad with a homosexual agenda … The ad was placed that way to make me think it was normal to be homosexual.”

Last year, Weaver also attacked transgender Miss America candidate Angela Ponce, intentionally misgendering her. “This is not gender equality, it is gender delusion,” he wrote. “You are a man,” Weaver tweeted. “You don’t have a womb, you are a guy. It is not gender equality because you don’t equal a women.”

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On the subject of gender equality, Weaver also has a messy record. He has attacked the #MeToo movement as an attack on masculinity by “toxic feminism.” He also defended Trump after the infamous Access Hollywood tape surfaced, in which then-candidate Trump boasted about grabbing women “by the p*ssy.” “Every man talks like that, every man thinks like that, and stop quivering behind the skirts of the feminists,” he said in a video.

Perhaps in response to the mounting criticism, Weaver has set his Twitter to private and denied repeated requests by news organizations for comment.