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Trump campaign chair was looking for a “white boy, the younger the better” on Craigslist

According to Tulsa World, the ongoing investigation of former state Sen. Ralph Shortey found evidence that he posted several Craigslist ads “attempting to solicit young males for sexual contact.”

“Need a boy or bromance,” two different Craigslist ads read. “Looking for younger the better (legal) white or mixed.”

The FBI reveals he received “hundreds of pornography emails and communications with individuals encountered via Craigslist.”

Allegedly, he also emailed innumerable photos of himself and his wife “to various individuals in connection with arranging sexual encounters.”

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Shortey was charged last week with four felony child porn counts. He’d already been charged in March after being caught in a hotel with a male teen escort.

Shortey also had a history of filing exceedingly strange bills while in the state Senate.

Greatest hits include a proposed ban on putting human fetuses in food products, and “an ordinance authorizing homeowners to shoot down drones.”

He also authored several anti-immigrant bills, which proposed denying US citizenship to any baby born of undocumented parents.

According to the head of Equality Oklahoma, Shortey once assured him he’d leave the Senate chamber during an important vote on an anti-transgender bill.

Shortey reportedly appeared at his desk and voted for it anyway.

During the GOP primary, he was the state Trump campaign chairman.