Trump conspiracy theorists get epically trolled by “Gay Communists for Socialism” on Facebook

As the Trump administration continues to spread false theories about voter fraud in the 2020 Election, Trump’s conspiracy theorist supporters have turned to social media to share misinformation. One group found themselves the butt of an epic prank, as their “Stop the Steal” Facebook group spontaneously changed to “Gay Communists for Socialism.” Needless to say, members were not amused.

According to Snopes, the “Stop the Steal” group emerged November 5, two days after the election when vote counts began to put Joe Biden ahead in the race for the White House. The “Stop the Steal” in question, however, changed to “Gay Communists for Socialism” on November 6, though not before the group attracted 64,000 members. With the name change, members began to express their bewilderment at how they’d ended up in such a group, and flee in droves.

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The “Stop the Steal” cum “Gay Communists for Socialism” group was one of many “Stop the Steal”-type pages, most of which are aimed at the spread of misinformation and conspiracy theories in support of Donald Trump and the Republican Party. Facebook has begun policing such posts and pages in an effort to prevent the spread of dangerous false or misleading innuendo. Earlier this week, the social media giant took down an elaborate network of “Stop the Steal” groups after discovering links to white supremacist former Trump Advisor Steve Bannon. Twitter has already permanently banned Bannon for death threats against Dr. Anthony Fauci.