Trump-endorsed candidate Kari Lake rants about guns and freedom before storming off “60 Minutes” set

Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake gave quite the performance on 60 Minutes Australia over the weekend, dodging serious questions and abruptly cutting the interview short.

Interviewer Liam Bartlett asked Lake, who is endorsed by Donald Trump and currently leading the Republican field in her state, about Trump’s statements that he would pardon the Jan.6 rioters who attacked the U.S. Capitol.

“Well, that really has nothing to do with being Governor of Arizona. I wasn’t there,” Lake replied.

“Let’s be fair on this. Your man, Donald — your man, Donald, brought it up,” countered Bartlett. Lake appeared to take great offense to his phrasing.

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“Why did you say that, sir? Your man, Donald?” she asked.

“He said they should all be pardoned. Do you think they should be pardoned?” Bartlett asked.

Ignoring the question, Lake said: ““I’m still amazed you said that. Your man, Donald. That’s just so disrespectful.”

“It’s just the flippant attitude,” Lake continued. “It’s just — it’s obvious you’ve come into this. It’s obvious you’ve come into this and you don’t like President Donald Trump.”

“Kari, do you think they should be pardoned?” Bartlett asked one more time.

“I have no say in that. I’m running for governor,” Lake said. “This isn’t something a governor does. You’re trying to twist that to make me look bad.”

Visibly ruffled, Lake transitioned into an attack on Australia’s biggest problem — in her mind. Not enough guns…

“So we would be better off with more guns here?” Bartlett asked.

“Yeah you would. You absolutely would, sir. I feel so sorry for the people of Australia,” Lake said.

After touting American freedom, Lake quickly wrapped up the interview. Once the connection was cut, but before the cameras stopped rolling, she said: “That guy’s a complete nut. Seriously. A complete insane person.”

Unsurprisingly, viewers reached a slightly different conclusion after the exchange aired: