Oh lord

Trump hosts antigay bishop for White House Easter blessing

Harry Jackson (center) with Mike Pence & Tony Perkins

Proving once again his callousness towards LGBTQ Americans, Donald Trump invited an anti-gay bishop to deliver the White House Easter Blessing.

Bishop Harry Jackson has a long history of anti-queer rhetoric, having compared marriage equality to both a “Satanic plot to destroy our seed” and a movement “just like during the times of Hitler.” He’s also has encouraged Christians to “steal back the rainbow” from LGBTQ people.

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While attending the White House, Jackson thanked Trump for his handling of the COVID-19 crisis and the controversial provision in last month’s stimulus bill that appropriated money for churches during the pandemic. “You’ve included the churches in your relief efforts,” Jackson remarked. “Many churches would have had to close down had it not been for your insightful leadership. So thank you both.”

In addition to his comments about marriage equality, Jackson has raised eyebrows by claiming that condom use promotes AIDS. He’s also criticized the grassroots group Black Lives Matter, claiming it could never bring about racial justice because its leadership includes “a few lesbians who are against the patriarchal society.”