Trump-Inspired M4M Craigslist Ads Have Skyrocketed Over The Past Week


Whether it was the SCOTUS ruling on marriage equality or that epic blizzard in Washington D.C., anytime a major event happens in America, people turn to Craigslist for comfort and relief.

Last week’s election results were no different. For over a week now, all across the nation, men have been placing M4M ads in search of a distraction from the doom and gloom of President-elect Trump and his basket of deplorables.

Let’s take a look at what’s out there…

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Some of the ads are more sad than freaky:

Post-Trump cuddling,” a man in Los Angeles writes. “I’m still reeling from this election…all I want to do is hold someone that feels the same.”

Post Election Erection Lonesome Blues,” reads an ad placed in the Phoenix area. “Feeling kinda lonely and horny and restless and was wondering if there were any cute mad young men out there who would like to hang out and whatever.”

Discount massage for those depressed after Trump win,” an ad placed in New York promises. “You could use one right about now, right?”

Others are a little less subtle:

“Let’s F*ck Like Trump Is About To F*ck America” a New Yorker posted shortly after the election results, along with some very racy photos of himself.

Now that Trump’s won, Conservative Boys Claim Your Victory,” another ad reads.

Do me Trump style,” a man in D.C. demands.

“Not thrilled with the election results, though I know life goes on,” someone in Dallas writes. “I am needing a good pick-me-up! Looking for a good TOP guy.”

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But it’s not just opponents of Trump looking for relief. Trump supporters (remember, an alarming 14 percent of LGBTQ people voted for him) are also hoping to cash in on their candidate’s victory:

“I’m a trump supporter,” an ad placed in Milwaukee reads, “F-ck me like you just lost the election.”

Two Trumpers this morning? You host,” another one in Minneapolis says. “Would love to get together with another Trump supporter.”

Trump may already be on a path to breaking every single one of his campaign promises, but at least he’s holding true to one of them: When it comes to bipartisan man-on-man action, he appears to be quite the unifier.