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Trump Jr. mocks Biden over Afghanistan, says he wants Taliban renamed LGBTaliban+

Donald Trump Jr.
Donald Trump Jr. (Photo: Gage Skidmore, via CC BY-SA 2.0)

You can always count on Don Trump Jr. to try and make a joke about a horrific situation. As the US prepares to fully withdraw its troops from Afghanistan and end its airlifting of refugees out of Kabul airport, thousands are still trying to escape the country.

The Biden administration has made it clear it wants to stick to its original timetable of withdrawing troops by August 31, despite criticism from some of it abandoning the country and its citizens.

The Taliban, which has now taken control of Kabul, said yesterday that the US must stick to this goal and that if troops remain any longer, it would be in “violation” of previous agreements.

Donald Trump Jr. has been repeatedly criticizing’s Biden’s handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal (despite it being his father who initially pledged to withdraw all troops before the end of 2020), particularly in the wake of desperate scenes from Kabul airport.

In his latest tweet, Jr. again pushed the message that Biden and the military’s top brass are more concerned with being “woke.”

“Am hearing that Team Biden is finally planning on playing hardball with the Taliban. Reliable sources tell me that Biden & our woke Generals will DEMAND that the Taliban rename themselves the LGBTaliban+ to be more inclusive & diverse, or else no more American weapons for them!”

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Many were unimpressed.

Even those who appear to perhaps be on the right of the political spectrum thought Jr’s tweet was a bit much.

Many were keen to point out former President Donald Trump’s role in negotiating with the Taliban over the US withdrawal.

Although Trump Jr. probably thinks his comments on the situation are hilarious, they make light of a complex, humanitarian crisis. The situation facing many in Afghanistan with the Taliban in power is grim. This is particularly so for women and girls, and even more so for anyone suspected of being LGBTQ.

Under sharia law, gay people can be stoned to death or thrown from a high building. Two gay Afghans spoke this week to the i news about the plight facing people within the country: “If the Taliban finds out someone is gay, believe me, they will just shoot him on the spot,” said one, named Aziz.

Although some countries have asked Biden to re-think his August 31 deadline, the President yesterday said he wanted to stick to it, but he has asked the Pentagon and the state department for “contingency plans to adjust the timetable should that become necessary”.

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