Trump kicks off election day with a video of himself dancing to ‘Y.M.C.A’

President Trump dances to the Village People
(Photo: Twitter)

President Donald Trump kicked off election day with a Twitter message imploring people to ‘Vote! Vote! Vote!’ An uncontroversial message, one would think… Except for the fact it was accompanied by an extended video montage of him dancing at rallies to the classic Village People hit, ‘Y.M.C.A.’

Trump is known for pumping out the Village People tracks ‘Y.M.C.A’ and ‘Macho Man’ at his rallies, to the delight of his supporters.

Village People were famously put together in the late 1970s as a disco act specifically to appeal to the gay men of Greenwich Village (hence their name). However, one of its founding members, Victor Willis, recently reacted angrily to reports that ‘Y.M.C.A’ is about gay men going to the famed hostels and gyms to pick up other guys. The heterosexual singer threatened to sue media outlets that say his songs are about “illicit gay sex.”

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Trump clearly feels the wholesome anthem is just perfect for his super-spreader events rallies and the best way to launch election day.

Willis told the BBC last week that he liked hearing the song being played and embraced by people from across the political spectrum, but he did not personally endorse Trump. He also said he would “probably not” perform at a Trump inauguration if invited to do so.

“I’ve never endorsed Trump, nor has the Village People. We’ve even asked him, basically, to stop playing our music at his rallies.”

Clearly, Trump didn’t get that memo.

Joe Biden‘s first tweet of the day, by contrast, was, “It’s Election Day. Go vote, America!”

This was preceded a few hours earlier by Biden reminding people of the importance of LGBTQ rights when voting today.

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