Trump Playboy Videos Emerge From The Depths Of The Web

Donald Trump

Oh good, just what the internet needs: more revolting sex videos.

You might recall last week when Donald Trump accused a former beauty queen of having a “sex tape.” Well, she doesn’t, but now more and more Trump videos are coming out of the woodwork. Or perhaps out of the sewers.

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Two new videos have surfaced, both from Playboy, in which Trump can be seen hanging around women at photo shoots. There’s a scene in which Trump sidles up to a woman and starts probing her with questions about why she thinks she’s pretty.

“And I think everyone in this room thinks you have what it takes,” Trump tells her, seeming to be angling for a phone number.

There’s another creepy appearance in a 2001 video in which Trump drags both his wife and girlfriend to a Playboy fashion show. Later, the models disrobe, though Trump is not visibly on screen for that segment.

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Women already view Trump unfavorably — 62% dislike him — probably because they’re all too familiar with the kind of man who loiters around porn shops and hangs out in the front row of beauty pageants. He’s the same kind of creep who hangs out with homophobes who want to wipe out all gay people.

Trump appeared on the cover of Playboy in 1990, and refused to answer whether his marriage was monogamous. (We know now, of course, that he has serial sex with various women, since he’s been divorced and remarried several times.)

Around that time he suggested to CNN that he “may” have dated a playmate at some point. What a lucky girl she must have been.