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Trump Supporter Assaulted Artist Who Created Probably Realistic Nude Portrait Of Donald


Well, we probably should’ve seen this one coming: the artist who created an illustration of a nude Donald Trump, including a very minuscule penis, says that she’s been assaulted by a Trump supporter.

“Today I was punched in the face by a man who got out of his car and yelled, ‘Trump 2016!’ in Los Angeles, just days after I returned home from London just down the road from my house,” she wrote on Instagram, along with a picture of her bruised eye. “To live in a place where Facebook has given my address to an anonymous third party makes me feel like I am homeless again.”

That’s a little hard to follow — Facebook gave her address to someone? What? But okay, maybe that makes sense, maybe her address was available somewhere on her profile, somehow.

“No, they have not been caught, and the men drove off laughing. A detailed police report has been filed,” she concluded.

MW-EK546_trump_20160418125924_ZHSo a man (or men) found her address on Facebook, decided that they support Donald Trump so strongly that he or they need to find her, punch her, yell a slogan and then laugh as they drive away.

It’s absolutely unbelievable that such a thing could happen.

When last we checked in with Illma Gore, she was about to sell her illustration of Trump for around $140,000. Barraged by what she described as messages about rape and death, she took the image to England to sell it at a gallery there.

Gore also said that someone from Trump’s legal team threatened to sue her if she sold the painting. That would be a hard lawsuit to win, since Trump is clearly a public figure and her illustration is clearly protected speech. It’s weird that a Trump lawyer would even attempt to fan the flames of the story by contacting her at all.

But hey, stranger things have happened. In fact, stranger things may be unfolding right at this very moment.

Photo: Instagram

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  • kzen64

    Or, it’s another hoax… suspending judgement.

  • Tait47

    That’s a hard lesson for her about consequences.

  • Masc Pride

    It’s unbelievable alright.

    @kzen64: She does seem unusually preoccupied with Trump. I think there’s also a bit of entrapment directed at Trump supporters and rallies that often gets left out of the stories.

  • Uppity

    One has to be sceptical about this. Too many attention seekers and hoaxers around these days.

  • topshelf

    A juvenile portrait incites juveniles. This election year is a joke thanks to both sides.

  • joeyty

    I’m an artist myself, so can I have permission to bop her a second time ? Then she can pose for an even more dramatic martyr shot.

  • CivicMinded


    No. Only the Republicans have turned the election into a joke. They sold their souls to the far right wing and now they’re paying the price. It’s unbelievable that we might have a fascist in the White House. In the early 2000’s, anyone who spoke against Bush was deemed unpatriotic. That was getting close to fascism but Donald Trump is the real thing.

  • IDoNotHaveToAgreeWithYou

    I agree. Probably an attention seeking hoax.

  • Masc Pride

    @CivicMinded: You sure it’s only the republicans? There’s quite a bit of disorder going on with democrats too. Even Sanders himself is going to have a really hard time convincing his supporters to get behind Hillary. They’re already certain that she’s rigged the election with the help of special interest groups, and if they’re right, Clinton and Wasserman have made a joke of the democratic side of things as well. There’s a percentage of Sanders supporters that are even going to vote against Clinton. Hillary may actually have better chances with moderate republicans. The democratic party doesn’t seem all that united right now either. I think people are generally fed up with politics and politicians (on both sides), and understandably so. A lot of people in both parties feel like they’ve been lied to and manipulated.

  • joeyty

    @CivicMinded: LOL. (I think the only “real thing” fascist would be Hillary Clinton).

  • Qwrangler

    Trump has got to be more original. Suing people is getting stale and since he loses most of the cases its only his one step from reality that keeps me doing it.

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