Trump Supporters Are Calling For A “Star Wars” Boycott


Where to even begin with this one.

Apparently some alt-right Tweeter named Jack Posobiec — reportedly working as the “special projects director” for an organization called Citizens For Trump (?) — claims the writers of Rogue One surreptitiously reworked the film to “add in Anti Trump scenes calling him a racist.”

Speaking to EsquirePosobiec explained that he “started [the boycott] this morning with a Periscope in response to the writers of Rogue One calling Trump a Nazi.”

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He also claims the screenwriters began a hashtag campaign called #TrumpIsVader.

As TheWrap reports, Rogue One screenwriters did recently reshoot portions of the film, but it wasn’t so they could toss in some last minute anti-Trump subtext.

In fact, this brouhaha is apparently blowback from Trump supporters who are wildly displeased with screenwriters Chris Weitz and Gary Whitta, who  decided to change their Twitter avatars to a Rebel Alliance logo with a safety pin put through it shortly after the election.

And to be fair, a cursory look at Weitz’s account demonstrates that he’s  certainly no fan of Trump. Shortly after Trump won the election, he tweeted that “the Empire is a white supremacist [human] organization,” which is pretty straightforward.

But again, there’s absolutely nothing to suggest the film has been re-edited to make way for a huge anti-Trump storyline.

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That quibbling little detail was not quite enough to dissuade Posobiec from asking for a boycott of the film, effective immediately:

And judging by these Tweets, plenty of people are taking the bait: 

Yikes. Okay, that’s enough examples — but there’s plenty if you want to read more.

At least someone’s got the right idea: 

Oh, and we like this guy, too: